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Navigation timing is part of the Performance API that lets you benchmark web applications. It allows to measure various points of page load, including the time it takes for the server to respond. In the attached example we are capturing total page load time, DOM start, DOM interactive, content loaded, DOM complete, and total page render time. These are just a few examples form the API. For the full explanation visit https://www.w3.org/TR/navigation-timing/

    timings = window.performance.timing;
    //  Get the time passed between two events in seconds
    function performance(start,end){
        return (end - start) / 1000 + "s";
    // New object to store calculated and human-readable results
    latency = {}
        // Total Page Load Time
        latency.totalPageLoadTime = performance(timings.navigationStart, timings.loadEventEnd);
        // DOM Start
        latency.domStart = performance(timings.navigationStart, timings.responseEnd);
        // DOM Interactive
        latency.domInteractive = performance(timings.navigationStart, timings.domInteractive);
        // DOM Content Loaded
        latency.domContentLoaded = performance(timings.navigationStart, timings.domContentLoadedEventEnd);
        // DOM Complete
        latency.domComplete = performance(timings.navigationStart, timings.domComplete);
        // Page Render Time
        latency.pageRenderTime = performance(timings.domLoading, timings.domComplete);
    // Draw results table in the console
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